Completely Compliant in One Place

Data Security and HIPAA Compliant Dashboard

Managed All On One Platform

  • Automate the Security Risk Assessment (SRA)
  • Automate compliance with the online platform
  • A real-time look at your compliance level 
  • Managed Security Services to secure your technological assets and data
  • Easy access to self paced training required for HIPAA compliance
  • Security technology such as Email Encryption and End Point Detection
  • No more hunting down and organizing people, documents, or trainings to stay compliant

Get All Of Your Compliance With Zekteck

Zekteck is the only compliance provider that provides HIPAA compliance, end-to-end, as a single package.

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Security Help

Security with Every Subscription

  • Decades of experience to help you when you need it
  • Zekteck will manage all network and software security, including patches and updates. 
  • Always talk to a person when something goes wrong or if you just have a question.
  • Proactive management so there is no more break/fix mentality.
  • Zekteck provides end-to-end email encryption with no extra steps. Just like sending any other email. 
  • Devices on your network is protected with technology and a $250,000 warranty

Quiz Your HIPAA Knowledge!

Which of the following is not a section of HIPAA:
True or False: Practices are shielded from liability if a vendor or contractor breaches HIPAA.
True or False: Practices will not be charged a fine if they were unaware of risks that caused a breach.
On average, a HIPAA violation fine is:
___% of healthcare organizations have experienced at least one data breach in the last 12 months.
If a data breach occurs involving more than 500 individuals, how long does a practice have to report it?
Which of the following documents are required per HIPAA?
How long must a practice keep HIPAA-related documents?
Which of the following is not a common cause of a HIPAA violation:
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