If you aren’t ready for Zekteck’s compliance automation platform, you can still get access to all of the compliance trainings that are included with every subscription. You can take the required HIPAA Compliance Training as well as training on the best Cyber Security practices. We highly recommend that you take both the security and HIPAA trainings to ensure completely HIPAA compliant training. 

Proper training is a requirement for many different compliance certifications and regulations. Choose from our catalog of trainings that will help increase the security and compliance awareness of your staff.  Zekteck’s courses include required courses for HIPAA, HITECH, and security training requirements for many other certifications. These modules can be used for general education as well! 

Be sure to explore Zekteck’s Automated Compliance Platform, which includes the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and PII trainings. 

Compliance Training Modules

You Need More Than Just Training!

Being compliant is so much more than taking training modules. Be sure to check out our Automated Compliance Platform and Security Services all in one package! 

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Quiz Your HIPAA Knowledge!

Which of the following is not a section of HIPAA:
True or False: Practices are shielded from liability if a vendor or contractor breaches HIPAA.
True or False: Practices will not be charged a fine if they were unaware of risks that caused a breach.
On average, a HIPAA violation fine is:
___% of healthcare organizations have experienced at least one data breach in the last 12 months.
If a data breach occurs involving more than 500 individuals, how long does a practice have to report it?
Which of the following documents are required per HIPAA?
How long must a practice keep HIPAA-related documents?
Which of the following is not a common cause of a HIPAA violation:
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