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The Case for Professional HIPAA Security Assessments

An essential component of the HIPAA compliance process is the completion of an annual security risk assessment. Your office could attempt to complete the HHS Security Risk Assessment (SRA) without assistance from experts, but how would you know if your do-it-yourself risk assessment was completely accurate? Would you be able to identify every security gap that could expose your practice to non-compliance liability?

Medical practices shouldn’t make the costly assumption that their annual risk assessment reporting is correct, and that they’re fully compliant with all HIPAA regulations.

Every year, unidentified vulnerabilities cause medical practices to incur thousands, or even millions of dollars in disciplinary fines. In many cases, these weaknesses could have been uncovered and corrected through targeted interventions by compliance and security professionals.

You may be passing your SRA assessment every year, but your IT infrastructure could still be exposed. Not all security breaches are caused by hackers; many are due to unintentional mistakes on the part of internal staff. Let us reduce your exposure to risk via our uniquely comprehensive Security Risk Assessment.

Automating your Security Risk Assessment

The Compliance Portal, developed by Zekteck, integrates all domains and requirements of HIPAA and the Security Risk Assessment (SRA). Utilizing the SRA, Zekteck has derived an algorithm that automates the output of the SRA. No more spending hours, days, or even months attempting to complete the assessment only to find you probably have months or years of work ahead of you to become fully HIPAA compliant. We can help you. 

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