CHECKLIGHT Monthly Subscription

Checklight and Zekteck

$9.00 / month


  • CHECKLIGHT is continuously checking for new threats on every device it is installed on
  • Real time updates and alerts to both you and the Zekteck team about potential threats
  • CHECKLIGHT uses adaptive machine learning, through a connection with millions of other instances, to ensure that it’s detecting the most current threats
  • If CHECKLIGHT misses anything, your devices are insured for $250,000

Add a quantity of 1 for every device you want to protect

Quiz Your HIPAA Knowledge!

Which of the following is not a section of HIPAA:
True or False: Practices are shielded from liability if a vendor or contractor breaches HIPAA.
True or False: Practices will not be charged a fine if they were unaware of risks that caused a breach.
On average, a HIPAA violation fine is:
___% of healthcare organizations have experienced at least one data breach in the last 12 months.
If a data breach occurs involving more than 500 individuals, how long does a practice have to report it?
Which of the following documents are required per HIPAA?
How long must a practice keep HIPAA-related documents?
Which of the following is not a common cause of a HIPAA violation:
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