The Biggest HIPAA Breach in Each State

A HIPAA  breach can happen anywhere and at any time. Every covered entity needs to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Scroll through and see how the biggest breach in your state affected the population. There are some great examples of how even small practices that were breached had a big impact. Except for South Dakota. Everyone should be like South Dakota. 

Something worth mentioning is that these are only the biggest breaches reported to the Office of Civil Right, a sub agency of Health and Human Services. Hundreds of breaches go unreported all the time. The importance of reporting breaches cannot be stressed enough. Yes, you may incur fines. However, if the breach is reported in a timely manner (60 days from discovery) and the covered entity was taking all reasonable precautions to maintain security and compliance, then your fines will be much less or even waived. The big fines are given to those covered entities who try and hide the reality of their breach. 

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Be like South Dakota!

No breaches were reported to the Office of Civil Rights in 2021 in the state of South Dakota. Zekteck can help you stay off this list. 

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Quiz Your HIPAA Knowledge!

Which of the following is not a section of HIPAA:
True or False: Practices are shielded from liability if a vendor or contractor breaches HIPAA.
True or False: Practices will not be charged a fine if they were unaware of risks that caused a breach.
On average, a HIPAA violation fine is:
___% of healthcare organizations have experienced at least one data breach in the last 12 months.
If a data breach occurs involving more than 500 individuals, how long does a practice have to report it?
Which of the following documents are required per HIPAA?
How long must a practice keep HIPAA-related documents?
Which of the following is not a common cause of a HIPAA violation:
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