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Incident Response

Where will your organization turn for crisis management when you suspect a HIPAA breach or malware attack? What if protected information has been stolen, or data has been lost or destroyed? Zekteck clients have access to our Incident Response Service which is included in all of our service packages at no additional charge.

Zekteck consultants will work with you and your team to identify, mitigate, and resolve problems when the unexpected happens using a structured process, and we’ll provide forensic support in the aftermath of a potentially damaging event.

No portfolio of security-related measures can provide a 100% guarantee against a HIPAA breach, or other security incidents. Our mission is to reduce your exposure to potential threats, minimize risk, and resolve any resulting damage. We will reduce your liability footprint by adopting a proactive security stance. Zekteck’s consultants will provide everything you need to create and sustain a culture of compliance within your organization.

Be prepared for the unforseen

Ensure your environment can be recovered and protected in case of a breach, virus, or attack. Zekteck's Client Portal is backed by experienced security professionals. 

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What is IR for a Data and HIPAA Breach?

Incident response consists of three phases; investigation, mitigation, and restoration. In the investigation phase, we find the cause of the breach so we can better understand the cause, prevent it from happening again, and determine how far its reach is. The Mitigation phase is where we freeze any malicious software, close any holes, and ensure no more data can get out or bad software or people can get in. In the finial phase of restoration, we restore backups to the most recent backup point prior to the breach occurring. 

When you work with Zekteck, you’re leveling up your security posture. Should a breach occur, we’ll be by your side every step of the way to help you recover.

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