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Security and HIPAA Training

HIPAA requires that all employees and staff undergo annual security training. To streamline this process for all of our clients, we’ve developed a series of proprietary, online security and HIPAA training courses that are accessed through, and included in, the Zekteck Compliance Portal. Each modules content is based upon national standards set by the Security Rule and Privacy Rule Policy guidance provided by Health and Human Services. The courses are practical, covering everything from network and communications security, to disaster recovery and business continuity. The courses encourage critical thinking, situational awareness, and problem-solving. With fun and fast training, that feels like a game, employees will no longer dread their annual training. 

What about new employees? Because Zekteck’s training is on-demand, your organization won’t have to wait an entire year for new hires to receive vital compliance training. We will automatically update course content whenever new guidance or policy updates from HHS, NIST, and other sources become available.

Training Highlights

HIPAA Training


Security Rule
Privacy Rule


Software Security
Network Security
Social Engineering
Types of threats

Security Training

HIPAA Training

Security Training

PII Training

Be in the Know

Keep your staff and yourself up to date on the ever-changing HIPAA regulations and security best practices by ensuring that everyone is regularly trained. Training is an ongoing effort which is why Zekteck's training modules are regularly updated with new information. Begin your compliance journey today.

Start Here

HIPAA Training

  • Learn about the Security Rule, Privacy Rule, and HITECH
  • Ensure all of your employees know how to stay HIPAA compliant
  • Ensure your team knows how to protect your patient’s information

Security Training

Ensure your users understand the basics of security and obtain the ability to apply it to all domains of security:

  • Network Security
  • Communications Security
  • Software and Application Security
  • Access Management
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Emergency Response

Personally Identifiable Information Training

  • Ensure employees understand how to protect client data
  • Be more compliant with standards such as NIST
  • Keep updated with industry updates with annual trainings
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