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Confidently Managing Small Business Data Security

It’s all about trust and transparency. Trust is the key to attracting and retaining clients. Given the frequency of data breeches, and the media coverage they receive, consumers are demanding that their service providers must do more to protect their information.

Are you doing everything you can to harden your organization’s cybersecurity infrastructure against increasingly sophisticated threats? What is your company’s risk profile? If a breech occurs, how will you respond to the incident, remediate damage, manage your company’s liability, and restore trust?

Our job is to help you and your clients sleep well at night. Our Small Business Data Security services and technology will detect and reduce vulnerabilities in your IT systems and human processes.  Should a breech occur, our Security Support Line and Incident Response consultants will collaborate with your team to help put things right.

What's your security Posture?

Know where you stand by implementing Zekteck's compliance and security portal. Get your security score and manage important compliance and security tasks all in one place.

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Keeping Your Data Safe

Zekteck throws everything they have into keeping your business and its data safe. We use a combination of: 

  • Decades of combines industry experience
  • Innovative security technology for
    • email encryption
    • endpoint malware detection
    • Phishing simulations
    • Vulnerability and Risk Assessments
  • Proactive managed security solutions

Zekteck’s Security and Compliance Portal supports best practices and compliance components for:

  • IRS Regulation
  • NIST
  • PII
  • PCI
  • CCPA
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